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Flexible Figma icons for outstanding UI

Growing icon pack with 2,300+ fully editable icons in 4 styles for Figma & IconJar. Easily change the stroke weight, corner radius, or path of any icon in seconds.

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Just a small demo (600+ in total)

This icon pack is different

Starting from the way it was created, ending with multiple methods of using. All icons are created with great attention to detail, but with fast editing in mind. Available from any browser on any device, without Adobe.

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Created in Figma from scratch

It isn't just another icon set with the trivial import from Illustrator. Every shape is ready for quick changes.

Quick access from any browser

Figma works fast even on weak machines. The entire pack weighs less than one track on your Spotify.

Variable stroke weight and radius

Easily change stroke weight or corner radius of any icon. Or make changes on all the icons at once, if required.

Smart version control

Safely update the icon content even when it's used a thousand times thanks to Boolean Groups within each icon.

Made with perfection in mind

The icons are created with love and great attention to detail, perfectly balanced with each other.

Infinite scalability

These icons are 100% vector, which allows you to export them at any resolution you need.

Two ways to resize

Resize the icon keeping the original stroke weight and radius, or scale them in sync with the Scale Tool.

Smart Figma search

All the icons component are provided with key tags, which makes their search as easy as possible.

Enjoy pure SVG output

Minimum number of shapes and no unnecessary attributes. Easily change icon colors in code.

Page design in progress

See them in action soon

Please come back later to see some interactive demos of all of these features. Stay tuned for updates on any of these social networks.