Product changelog

We notify all customers about the updates via email. Once a new version is out, you can re-download the product from our Gumroad.

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Do I need to pay for updates?

Nope, it is a one-time payment. No surprises. You only buy a license once, and all future updates are free for you forever.

Although in case you really like the update or just want to support the upcoming release, you can donate any amount by purchasing a trial version of the icons.

How will I receive free updates?

We will send you an email after each update with a brief description. You can choose to upgrade or skip it and wait for more icons.

There are 2 ways you can access updates:

  • From your Gumroad Library if you created an account when you purchased the product
  • By clicking the button in your original purchase email. That email should have the subject "You bought Anron Icons...".

Once you download the updated library, you will need to import it into Figma. You can then publish the icons as a new library or just keep the file open and search for the icon you want locally.

Anron Icons 10

Release date: 09/2022.

Another massive update. Variants, new style, simplified icon structure, new categories, new icons, major site updates, and more.

  • The library was completely rebuilt with Variants to save even more of your time/energy and improve the search efficiency
  • You can switch between icon styles via Properties Panel without using search, huge time saver
  • During the search, you will see icons in one style, which makes your search much faster and energy-saving
  • You can switch between icons while preserving their style using the Instances menu
  • The structure of all icons has been greatly simplified. Using Vector Networks instead of Boolean Groups made it possible to reduce the total number of layers by ~20000, and eliminated a significant part of bugs during resizing
  • Added a new Monochrome style that works especially great on dark themes
  • Total number of icons increased to 5,000+ / 6 styles
  • Added a new Brands category
  • Created a new Electronics category
  • The Figma file now includes more info to help you get started
  • The IconJar archive has been completely rebuilt, now you can customize the stroke width on most of the icons
  • The free demo version was expanded to 600 icons / 6 styles × 2 themes
  • Massive updates on the website, new sections, new pages and blog

Anron Icons 8

Release date: 10/2021.

The largest update since the first release. Now there are 3,840+ icons / 5 styles in total. New Gestalt style was added!

  • All icons have been redesigned from scratch to take their look to the next level
  • The inner padding of all icons has been reduced, they have become visually a little larger, ideal for mobile devices
  • 90% of the icons have been rounded even more (up to 6 pixels in the corners) for an even friendlier look. All corners are still dynamic, you can easily set your own depending on the project
  • Most of the Filled icons have been redesigned from scratch, now their optical size exactly matches other styles, and you can also dynamically adjust the thickness of some "breaking" lines
  • Added a new Gestalt style (800+ icons), from which the idea of this pack was born
  • Improved naming of the internal structure of icons in all 5 styles for more comfortable bulk editing
  • Icon color is now much more likely to remain the same when switching styles
  • Reworked the structure and basic look of the Duocolor style for more flexible use on the web. Now the second color by default is just a shade of the main one, created by changing the transparency of the layer
  • All icons now use kebab-case formatting for a more comfortable handoff for developers
  • All SVGs have been optimized for dynamic color changes on the web. Removed unnecessary properties, as well as applied currentColor property, the weight of each icon has become up to 50% less
  • The IconJar archive has been completely rebuilt and now uses optimized SVGs, so you can freely change the color of absolutely any icon right here, and use IconJar in dark theme
  • New sexier logo
  • New sexier slides on Gumroad
  • The free demo version was expanded to 480 icons / 5 styles × 2 themes and now also includes optimized SVG and IconJar library

Anron Icons 4

Release date: 05/2021.

  • Duocolor style was added
  • All icons got back 60% corner smoothing
  • Modules with icons are now arranged in one column for a more comfortable visual search
  • All naming conflicts were eliminated
  • Improvements and bug fixes

Anron Icons 3

Release date: 12/2020.

  • Duotone style was added
  • All icons got the maximum corner smoothing
  • Improvements and bug fixes

Anron Icons 2

Release date: 09/2020.

  • Filled style was added
  • Improvements and bug fixes