Frequently asked questions

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General questions

Why should I buy icons?

It all depends on your goals. Some paid icon packs always bring more exclusivity to your projects than a free one since they are not available to everyone. In addition, even the most inflexible pack can save you a couple of hours of work, which means that it pays off pretty quickly.

When it comes to Anron Icons, they were actually created to help your products stand out and shine. But apart from aesthetics, these Figma icons also offer great customization tools and smart organization to save you hundreds of hours.

Here's a universal rule of thumb for any paid design asset.

If some design asset can save you a few hours of work on a project, it's a good investment that pays for itself quickly. You invest once, but reuse unlimited times.

In addition, clients often do not mind paying a little extra if this money will bring more quality to their products. In this case, you do not pay for anything at all, but receive an asset in your design arsenal that you can use an unlimited number of times.

How are these icons different from other packs?

In short — style, quality, consistency, flexibility, and Figma Variants. For the professional Figma user, the difference is day and night, but let's condense that down to a few points.

  • Made right in Figma, you won't need Adobe Illustrator for editing
  • 6 awesome styles to make your product really stand out
  • Fully editable icons with live stroke and corners
  • Fast switching between icon styles without using search thanks to the Figma variants
  • Simple and clean search results — you'll see icons in 1 style instead of 6
  • Smart switching between icons with the same style while keeping color and stroke overrides
  • Perfectly clean layers panel with consistent shapes naming

What are the benefits of using native Figma icons?

You can easily change all key parameters of icons: corner radius, stroke width, size, color, individual points in vector paths — and all this using Figma minimalistic and user-friendly UI. And Figma variants will help you quickly switch between styles without having to use search.

This means that with Anron Icons you can exclude one of the Adobe products from your design process. This already seems like a huge victory.

Figma shows amazing performance even on budget laptops. The entire pack is always available at hand in a few seconds. In addition, Figma gives you features for group icon editing that no existing tool can provide.

We would also like to emphasize this once again — icon pack with a trivial import from AI to Figma will never give you the same level of customization as Anron Icons.

Where can I use Anron Icons?

In any way that only can come to your head: apps, websites, e-books, social media, marketing, print, whatever. The limitations apply only to the maximum possible number of icons that you can use for each unique project.

You can insert up to 100 (600 in 6 styles) icons into each unique project such as website or app. And up to 50 (300 in 6 styles) icons in digital items for sale like UI kits, website themes, and other templates.

Please, read the complete License Agreement. And don't worry, we made it simple & readable to save you time.

Is it a one-time payment?

Yes, it is a one-time payment. No surprises. You only buy a license once, and all future updates are free for you forever.

Although in case you really like the update or just want to support the upcoming release, you can donate any amount by purchasing a trial version of the icons.

Can I get a refund?

The creation of Anron Icons has already taken hundreds of hours. Once you buy the product, you get instant lifetime access to all this work. We want to give you the opportunity to explore all the features before buying.

This is why we offer a completely free version of Anron Icons with 600 icons / 6 styles with exactly the same features and IconJar library, which also includes a full preview of all the 5,000+ icons.

So, you really have a chance to understand what you are going to pay for. That is why we offer a refund only in case of some critical issues that prevent you from accessing the library. No one has reported such issues at this time, but if you encounter any, please contact us via email within 30 days of the purchase.

What’s included in the free version?

We want to give you the opportunity to explore all the features before buying. This is why we offer a completely free version of Anron Icons.

  • 600 icons / 6 styles, based on variants
  • Live stroke and corners
  • IconJar library
  • SVG library
  • Full preview with 5,000+ icons

Feel free to use all of these 600 icons in an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects, on social media posts, in your UI concepts, presentations, videos, and more.

But do not use this free demo on digital products for sale (such as UI kits, website themes, etc.), and do not try to sell or distribute icons as your own in their original or modified form.

How will I receive free updates?

We will send you an email after each update with a brief description. You can choose to upgrade or skip it and wait for more icons.

There are 2 ways you can access updates:

  • From your Gumroad Library if you created an account when you purchased the product
  • By clicking the button in your original purchase email. That email should have the subject "You bought Anron Icons...".

Once you download the updated library, you will need to import it into Figma. You can then publish the icons as a new library or just keep the file open and search for the icon you want locally.

Can I get a discount?

The creation of this product has already taken hundreds of hours and we consider the current price to be more than fair and profitable for our customers. But at the same time, we want these hours to be reused by as many people as possible.

We’re offering a limited number of coupons every month for anyone who, for whatever reason, can't afford this product at full price. To access this coupon, you need to simply download the free version of Anron Icons and wait a while for the email.

Can I upgrade to a team or enterprise plan?

Sure! This means that Anron Icons will be used by more people, and this makes us a little bit happier. Just contact us via email and we will compensate you for the cost of the previous license.

Can I continue to use the icons if I leave the team?

There should be only one owner of the library with Anron Icons — the one who bought the product. Only this person should have the file in their account.

Other members of the company can only access this file, but they are not allowed to copy the entire library to their account. This will be considered as free product distribution.

If you have left the company, or just want to get the entire library at your disposal, then consider buying an individual license to legally use Anron Icons in an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects.

Please, read the complete License Agreement. And don't worry, we made it simple & readable to save you time.

Technical questions

How can I insert these icons into my files?

In general, here are 2 basic options:

  • Publish all the icons to the library at once, and then search / drag & drop them through the component tab to your files
  • Keep the original library open and use the built-in component search

Once inserted, we highly recommend creating separate local icon components for each unique project. In this way, you will have the ability to customize their appearance depending on the project.

What are boolean groups?

In simple words, this is a smart group consisting of vector shapes. Each shape inside remains alive and fully editable. Figma perceives such a group as a single shape, which opens up a number of useful practical features.

In the latest version of Anron Icons, boolean groups are used only in Filled and Monochrome styles. All other styles use the power of vector networks to unite vector paths of any complexity into one fully editable layer.

How to simplify an icon to a single shape?

Sometimes you just want to get the flattest icon possible without unnecessary layers and customization options. It's very easy to do this in Figma, and even on all icons at once!

  • Select the necessary icons manually or using the Similayer plugin
  • Click Enter a few times to select all nested vector shapes
  • Press Cmd + Shift + O or find the command Outline Stroke in the menu

Keep in mind that the entire icon will be converted to a single outlined vector shape. You will lose the ability to adjust the corners and the stroke weight of such an icon. But scaling will always be proportional, as if you were doing it with the Scale Tool.

We cannot recommend using this function in the original library. However, it can be a good idea for local icons in separate projects, when you are absolutely satisfied with the appearance of the icon and no further customization is required.

How do I convert live corners into a curve?

This usually means that you want to achieve proportional scaling of the icon corners when resizing, but leave the ability to change the thickness of its stroke. You can do that right in Figma too!

  • Select the desired vector shape
  • Press Cmd + E or look for the command Flatten Selection in the menu

We cannot recommend using this function in the original library. However, it can be a good idea for local icons in separate projects, when the required level of corner radius is already clearly fixed.

What are the ways to resize icons?

All corners and strokes in Anron Icons are live. Thanks to this you have 2 ways to resize an icon to choose from.

  • Standard via Move Tool (V). Will scale the icon keeping all original parameters. This means that the stroke weight and corner rounding will remain the same for all vector shapes.
  • Proportional via Scale Tool (K). The icon will be scaled like after the Outline Stroke function. This means that both the stroke weight and roundness will scale proportionally. For example, this is how the stroke will change depending on the icon size: 24px (1.5px) → 20px (1.25px) → 16px (1px).

Keep in mind that scaling with the Scale Tool might not work correctly in components during instance overrides. We highly recommend creating separate components with smaller versions of the icons if you need to.

How can I change the corner radius?

  • Select the necessary icons manually or using the Similayer plugin
  • Click Enter to select all nested vector shapes
  • Set the desired value on all shapes at once via the Properties Panel

It might save you some time. But keep in mind that you need some extra fixes here and there, as many shapes in Anron Icons are composed of points with different rounding. To enter vector editing mode, simply select the desired shape and press Enter.

As with all bulk changes, we do not recommend using this procedure in the original library. It is better to do this only on a separate local icon group for a specific project. This way you can give maximum attention to each icon.

Do you plan to support Sketch / Framer / AI / XD?

Anron Icons offer a whole set of unique flexible customization features that are only available in Figma. We do not want this product to be judged by the quality of some trimmed version exported to another design tool.

However, this does not mean that you cannot do it yourself. Just keep in mind that you will lose a lot of features.

What if I'm a Sketch / Framer / XD user?

Will these icons be useful to you? If you just visually like them, then of course. If you're ready to include a little Figma in your workflow, then you won't lose anything at all. You can fully customize the icons and then simply copy the SVG into your tool of choice. The entire library will always be at hand and available directly from the browser.

If you are not ready to add some Figma, this product also includes an SVG archive and a full IconJar library with visual search capabilities. In addition, you can try third-party plugins to export Figma file to the format you need. But it's worth reminding again that with this approach you will lose some of the significant benefits of Anron Icons.